We will never forget

Project developed with a grant from NEGOCIO Exhibition 2019 with Raúl Berrueco (entter).

‘We will never forget’ gathers the messages on the placards of the protests of victims of abuse in the Pope’s visit to Ireland in August 2018. On one of the banners that were shaken by the passage of the popemobile through the streets of Dublin we read ‘The Pope head of the largest pedophile network in history ‘.

This video game acts as a powerful reminder, we will never forget that the church has been covering pederasty since ‘ancient times’, at all costs, even using its influence as a state to avoid criminal conspiracy processes. We will never forget that criminals must respond to justice, this includes heads of state as well. We will never forget the victims, we will never forget their suffering. We will never forget that they must be repaired and compensated with justice.