The Conduit

Collaboration with Friedrich Kirschner in his Transmit3 Residency (Ars Electronica FutureLab and QUT The Cube) with The Society for Cultural Optimism. Berlin/Linz.

A Playful Design for A Future Society: The Conduit, Ars Electronica Blog.

Society for Cultural Optimism

“The Conduit” is part performance, part interactive installation that investigates social engagement and the consequences of speculative technological and political frameworks. Participants will negotiate an 8 bit simulation of the future and its effects on our everyday social interactions through participatory performance for about 40 people. The event was presented at the Deep Space 8K Ars Electronica.

The Society for Cultural Optimism raises questions about how new media, interactive devices and rulesets offer different points of both technical and social everyday sight, and how through playful engagement and theatrical and participatory representations can establish a fictitious reality that serves as a bridge between the physical and the virtual.