Mother of Robots

Project supported by a 2018 Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators, BBVA Foundation.

Tool for social mediation, analysis and discussion based on the collective creation of an interactive robotic installation. Its objective is to visualize and analyze from art the effects and results of a future hybrid society between humans and artificial entities. It uses role-play-inspired social simulation as a research methodology for hybrid speculative societies.

The installation simulates the generation and evolution of a society through a BDI multi-agents system formed by a mother environment and ten intelligent moving robots. The type of society, its values ​​and its citizens – the robots – are defined through collective thinking workshops on the future that we want to project.

The public has the possibility to actively participate in the world through interactions with tablets, one per robot, which influences the behavior and evolution of society. They are a vital record of each robot, in which you can see their information, evolution and wishes they want to achieve to be happy.

There are desires that they can make for themselves and for others that need public interaction. Each action will have a social consequence that must be taken into account.

The main objective is to visualize and analyze the power relations that we project within a society in a physical way, through robots that represent individuals, their state and behavior.

The differential and innovative point of this project is the development of a reusable technological tool for direct social experimentation through art.

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