Comissioned by Konic Thtr for the exhibition La tradició que en travessa at Arts Santa Mònica

Metamàquina is a futuristic fiction project that offers a space for collective reflection around the concept of artificial spirituality. Artificial spirituality refers to the possibility that, in the speculative framework of post-singularity, conscious machines will experience a need similar to human spirituality, understood as experience of communicating with alien (other than oneself) or superior beings.

Spiritual experiences are very difficult to share per se, since they are developed from each individual’s own “private” consciousness. However, often the sensations described while experimenting similar spiritual situations are related. Based on this premise, this project raises the question of whether the spiritual plane is the only space where we can really share private experiences between humans, or hybrids between species. If we stick to the human-nature relationship field or human-human/cosmos/energy/altres dimensions, culturally we accept that spirituality is a possible way of communication. Are we capable of applying the same process to our relationship with artificial cognitive systems? Offering a radical speculative scenario of human and non-human artificial relations, this project invites us to assimilate the existence and coexistence of the non-organic systems of our world.