La màquina que juga sola

Comissioned by Luca Carruba and Fundació LaCaixa for Homo Ludens exhibition at CaixaForum.

This interactive audiovisual sculpture represents, as its name suggests, a machine that plays by itself. The evolution of the toy and the game until the era of machines and video games, brings us to this piece in which the machine has become aware enough to have almost human needs, such as having a good time playing.

Recovering the idea of ​​the ball as a basic toy, a small ball moves through the path generated by the tubes. There comes a time when he comes into contact with one of the 3 framed screens and the virtual world comes into action. In this way, the game becomes a hybrid in which the machine plays with itself physically and digitally. In addition, the machine is capable of detecting human presence. If humans have been watching the game for too long, the machine becomes uncomfortable and reacts negatively, inviting them to leave or outright getting angry, through its loudspeaker and through a digital speech system.

This interactive audiovisual sculpture, explores the possible forms of autonomous entertainment of artificial intelligence.

Pictures by Julieta Feroz