La computadora que quería ser incomputable

Comissioned by VisionarIAs art residency at Etopía Centro de Arte y Tecnología as part of the Europan ARTificial Intelligence Lab.

«The Computer that wanted to be incomputable» is a futuristic fiction art project that opens the debate on whether artificial intelligence can be creative or not. It represents a small intelligent machine frustrated by the impossibility of not being creative, therefore human enough.

The entire installation takes place inside a transparent square display case placed on a pedestal. Inside there is a soft- robot, exposed as art pieces are exhibited, that shows its frustration and anguish for not being able to be creative, a work of art by itself, as AI is intended to be.

Through different audiovisual actions, shape changes in the robot and a voice-over, it becomes a physical audiovisual device of emotional expression.

This project talks about the loss of confidence in and between humans and questions the ability of the machine to be genuinely creative, reflective and the intrinsic impossibility of becoming incomputable. At the same time, it invites us to regain control of ourselves through technology as a tool of social construction that has mutated everything, remarking with what it cannot supply.

Refocusing of artificial intelligence – understanding it as an attempt at an improved copy of the human – as an imposition on machines by humans, I want to talk about the cognitive automation consequence of the increasing digitization of reality.
The project wants to eliminate the man-machine confrontation and the constant attempt to colonize one over the other. It offers a reflective space where the dilemma is no longer a fight of artificial intelligence against the human brain to be a collaborative exercise with the intention of reaching new states.

The project proposes a new approach to artificial intelligence based on empathy with the non-human. A call to accept the machine in its essence and stop forcing it to be human. Perhaps creativity, reflection and everything incomputable is not the end of the machine.