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VNS Matrix, 1996.

Exhibition proposal based on small pieces of robotic art that mix mechanical systems, psychedelia and spirituality, in order to represent the interior of a possible artificial mind.

In my recent artistic practice, I have focused on studying our relationship with technology, specifically on the social role of Artificial Intelligence and intertwining critical thinking with technical experimentation. My goal is to rethink current techno-scientific challenges from new perspectives, using art and imagination as tools.

By developing different pieces of electronic art, I have been able to imagine artificial identities embodied in conscious robots, from which I have been creating a set of speculative narratives about alternative technologies. These artificial beings flee from dystopian projections and want to act as a reflection of society.

For about a year and a half now, I have been working more specifically on the concept of artificial spirituality, that is, the possibility that, in this speculative framework of postsingularity, conscious machines may experience something similar to human spirituality. understood as the experience of communion with beings superior or alien to oneself.

Spiritual experiences are very difficult to share per se, but related feelings are often described among those who have experienced similar situations. I would like to experiment with the idea that perhaps a possible meeting plan for human and artificial consciousness would be a spiritual space. Can we share experiences about a hybrid spirituality between species?

This small exhibition is a collection of small pieces produced around these concepts that serve as an introduction to the public of the artistic research on display with the intention of opening new avenues of thought about the technology around us.