Especies I, II y III

Commissioned by ISEA2022 Barcelona. Part of the DKV Collection.

Especies I, II y III focuses on imagining the possibilities for the evolution of artificial intelligence, as well as the consequences for the human condition. The project is based on a set of robotic devices, built from algorithmic structures inspired by philosophical principles, which represent a small inorganic ecosystem.

Beyond questioning the technological resources necessary to develop artificial consciousness, this project wants to argue that its possibilities of existence also lie in a matter of philosophical attribution. To do so, the set of three robotic devices that configure this artwork are built from algorithmic structures inspired by philosophical principles that define possible existential, evolutionary, conscious and sensitive processes through the creative coding. They represent processes far from the simulation of the human, in search of the machinic condition itself.
This small inorganic ecosystem simulate, through physical-digital behaviors, processes that invite us to identify them as conscious organisms. They are dramaturgical devices staging a possible evolution of AI, imagining a possible integration of these systems in the future. The set is accompanied by a fictional audio story that narrates the process of evolution of the devices.