Contacto Estelar

Contacto Estelar is a constellations creation game that aims to emulate the classic game of connected dots to draw a shape, but instead of using paper and pencil with bodies.

In a darkened room, a projection on the ceiling draws the Milky Way. A camera focused down recognizes the players’ bodies. A visual guide highlights the stars of different constellations in space one by one allowing players to recreate its shape. Through collaboration and coordination, users can create and draw different constellations in an almost choreographic way.

Once the constellation is completed, its name and other information such as its history or the name of stars that compose it appears drawn on the projected space. There is also an audible feedback to indicate that the shape has been successfully completed. Also a subtle background music accompanies the scene for the most immersive experience.

While playing you experientially learn about names, forms, location and history of the constellations.

Project developed during Interactivos? 15 Medialab Prado at Media Art Futures.