Experiencia Astralis

Experiencia Astralis is a playful interactive project focused on childhood that takes us into the world of emotions. Through a series of illustrations converted into physical-digital videogames, this collaboration between Mónica Rikić and Astrid Pérez seeks to create a moment in which to understand that all emotions, whether positive or negative, must be lived without fear in order to learn to manage them and be more aware of ourselves.

The exhibition focuses on a magical world created from emotion and feeling. In it live the Transporter Capsules, which carry feelings, emotions and values; and the Connective Capsules, which are the ones that manage these emotions. All of them are small machines with personality, unique like us.

The purpose of Experiencia Astralis is to highlight the importance of receiving a healthy, deep and conscious emotional education from children.

Exhibited at Centre Cultural La Misericòrdia from Palma de Mallorca an November-December 2018.