Project developed within the program of Llum Bcn 2019 Festival with Anna Carreras.

Interactive installation for children and families that allows the public to draw freely and collaboratively on a vertical panel using large modules of LEDs (pixels) of different colors. The panel has different matrix-like holes where the LED modules can be placed and repositioned at any time, functioning as well as moving physical-digital pixels. The composition of these pixels together generate different shapes, colors and images designed by the same audience, in constant change and movement.

Likewise, participants who meet in the same moment of the interaction, can agree on the creation of different forms or drawings in a collaborative way, facilitating communication and collective creation in the public space.

The idea of ​​this project is to offer the public an open tool for free and collaborative creation through playful interaction. The interactive system is proposed as simple but effective and easily recognizable at an early age.

The fact of being able to create, destroy and recreate drawings in a constant way, makes the work to be in constant transformation. This is made to encourage visitors to make their creative contribution to
event, photograph it and take it with you. In the background, stars’ constellations are engraved in the panel (joining points of light through lines).

Custom CNC typography for the panels made by David Galar.

Images from Judit Contreras

Images from Santiago Sepúlveda and Bruno Bosch (RedFocusBCN).